Nook WiFi Has Dropped in Price to $119.99

The Nook WiFi, after the release of the new Nook (which I refer to as the Nook Touch), has dropped in price to $119.99.  It can be found at Best Buy and at Barnes & Noble at the new price.

Currently, Amazon has it at $130, so avoid shopping there.

Introduction to the NOOK: The Basics

Welcome to How To Nook!

The Nook is a popular e-reader by Barnes & Noble, and I could not live without mine.  This first post, I am going to share with you a video that I made about the Nook basics.  Please let me know if you have any questions, or anything in particular you would like to see.

How To Upload E-Books to Your Nook from Other Sources

The Nook isn’t limited to just what is available on Barnes & Noble’s website.  You can download e-books from many different sources and find many free ones.  You can also put documents, such as PDF files, on the Nook.  To learn how to create PDF files, click here.

My personal favorite way to upload other e-books and documents to my Nook is using Adobe Digital Editions which you can get for free here.  When you first load Adobe Digital Editions, you will not have any books in your bookshelf.  I already have a couple which show in the picture below.

To add an item to your library, click on the “Library” button and select “Add Item to Library.”

Windows explorer will come up, and you can choose from here what you would like to add to your library.

**Tips: To select multiple documents, click once on the first document you wish to include, then press Ctrl and select other individual documents at the same time.  This method is great if I wanted to choose Chapter 2, Chapter 5, and Chapter 12.  If you wanted to choose Chapter 2 through Chapter 12, then click once on Chapter 2, hold the Shift button and select Chapter 12.  You will see all of the documents between Chapter 2 and Chapter 12 highlight.

Now that I have the documents I want in Adobe Digital Editions, I want to put them onto my Nook.  Simply connect your Nook to your computer using the provided USB cable.  A dialogue box may come up the first time asking you if you would like to use Adobe Digital Editions to connect to your Nook, select the option that allows it too (press yes.)  Be patient as your Nook has to start up.

Now a Nook icon will show up in Adobe Digital Editions underneath the other book shelves.  Simply drag and drop the document/book (or documents using the method I included in the tip above) to the Nook icon.

Your documents and books will now show up under the Documents selection in your Library on your Nook.  They will not show up under your B&N Library.  You can not put these into their own shelves.

**Tip: You can organize the books and documents on Adobe Digital Editions by using the plus symbol at the bottom.  This will create a new shelf.  Simply drag and drop documents and books into shelves.  These will not, however, translate onto your Nook.  Sorry!

Hope this helped!



How To Easily Convert Files Into PDF

The Nook supports PDF files which I love to take full advantage of.  I make PDF files of my school notes, articles I have to read, and so on.  Since it is so much easier to read on the Nook, I get much more school work done.

First, download Cute PDF. It is a free software, and it is what we will be using to make the PDFs.  

Now, go to the document that you would like to make a PDF.  I have simply copied and pasted an article into Microsoft Word, however if you don’t have Microsoft Word, don’t fret!  It is not required to do this.  I would recommend copying and pasting for our purposes into some kind of document editing software however.   You can download Open Office for free.

Now, go to print the document.  Select the drop down list of available printers, and choose “CutePDF Writer” as your printer.

You can change the size of the print out at this point as well.  The smaller the print out, the larger it will appear on the Nook.

Hit print. It will come up with a dialogue box asking where you would like to save your new PDF file.  Save like you would a normal document (as in, choose what folder you would like to save it in, etc.)

Ta-da!  You have now created a PDF file.